Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First Chicken Curry and Homemade Naan

This post is dedicated to my dad, who loves all things Indian. :-)

When I was in college, he took me to an Indian buffet and I thought it (whatever it was that I ate) was delicious. But, I've never gone again. No real reason, except that I don't live near my parents...and, I don't know of an Indian buffet around where I do live.

Nor have I ever attempted any "Indian" food at home.

Until the other night.

When I saw Kristen's Chicken Curry and Homemade Naan recipe, I thought, "I can do that! That looks easy...and yummy."

So, I bought some curry powder and coconut milk...and YUM!!

*Naan is leavened, oven-baked flatbread*

The flavor was fantastic! And, I was quite impressed with the naan! I didn't follow Kristen's directions for that - I made the dough in my bread machine...and don't have a griddle, so "grilled" up each piece in a nonstick skillet.

If you've never had curry, this one is really simple (I also used leftover chicken instead of cubed boneless, skinless chicken breasts) and tasty!

I LOVE trying new recipes, but I would not call myself an adventurous cook. Making CURRY and NAAN was definitely out of my normal comfort zone, but I'm soo glad I made it. I will make it again...and, perhaps try some other "adventurous" eats! :-)

Be sure to stop over at Kristen's for the full recipe!!!

Recommend: YES

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Ronnica said...

That looks good! I've only had Indian food once, when a friend who lived there for 6 months made it for me. Yum!

MaRiN said...

I've always wanted to try making naan. I think you may have inspired me to do so! Thanks!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

*Popping in from SITS

Great recipe! I love curry, my family is West Indian (Jamaican)So, I eat and cook lots of curry! Yum! :-)

theUngourmet said...

Oh curry how I love thee! ;0)

This looks SO Good!

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