Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Golden Sweet Cornbread (Muffins)

Mmmm, I love warm cornbread alongside Spanish rice or chili. I especially love warm cornbread with butter and honey for breakfast. My husband loves leftover crumbled cornbread with milk and sugar.

I used to only make Jiffy cornbread/muffins...until I realized cornmeal wasn't all that expensive, and I could make my own! ;-)

The recipe on the back of the cornmeal canister is good...but, I like a nice, sweet cornbread. Enter! I just love that site!

I tried a couple of different cornbread recipes. One had sour cream and creamed corn which was delicious!! But, those are not ingredients I always have around... so, I've only made it a few times.

But, the Golden Sweet Cornbread recipe is exactly that! Golden and sweet! Just what I was looking for!

The last time I made chili, I made the recipe into muffins:


Recommend: YES

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