Monday, August 3, 2009

Muffin Tin Meals

Here's to another fun, creative idea by SOMEONE ELSE! :-)

I've been blog hopping a lot lately, and came across several "Muffin Tin Monday" posts. Michelle seems to be the main Muffin Queen. ;-) But, you can certainly find more than enough ideas if you use google! Sandy has some fun ones over on her blog, too!

What a fun, simple way to make a meal a bit more exciting for your little (and big!) ones!

I didn't have a 6-muffin pan (as you see most Muffin Tin meals are placed in), and I thought that only half-filling a 12-muffin pan wouldn't have the same desired effect.

So, I just used cupcake liners for my first try...

(ham, a cheese stick cut into pieces, goldfish, and mandarin oranges)

(grapes, egg salad with crackers and bread "sticks" for dipping)

My son couldn't care less what vehicle his food is in...he just wants to eat. My daughter, however, thought it was fun and ate a bit more than usual.

The ideas for a Muffin Tin Meal are endless. Sure, you can just plop what you were normally going to serve into a muffin tin...or, think in FUN terms for your little audience!

I've seen a numbers theme, with a cored apple slice for the "O", 1 licorice stick, 4 grapes, and so on.

I've seen certain colors as a theme. All red foods: tomato, strawberries, jello, etc...

Breakfast foods, with waffle or french toast sticks with syrups for dipping.

Here's a soup and sandwich MTM (muffin tin meal) by Sandy. And, I absolutely love Michelle's fishing MTM here!!

I bet you can think of a few fun things!!

If you really have picky kids, check out this fun food discovery by Heidi. Who knew bread and butter could be so exciting?! Now, would spinach benefit from sprinkles...? ;-) Might just be worth a try!

Recommend: YES

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1 comment:

Melissa said...

These are so cute. I didn't hear of MTM until my son was 11, but I definitely would have tried it when he was younger!

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