Saturday, December 12, 2009

Find It Games

You know those people on your gift list?

Those people who are sooo hard to buy for?

Those people that have everything?

Those people that don't seem to need anything?

Those people that don't WANT anything?!

Oh, yeah...we've all got 'em!

WELL! I've got the perfect gift for any and everyone!! A FIND IT game!

Each FIND IT game is a large clear tube filled with tiny plastic "beads" and hidden objects. Our family has the Original version.

Several objects are pretty obvious right away. My husband (who doesn't like games), started looking and was VERY quickly checking off item after item after item.

I thought to myself, "Oh, great! What a waste of $20!"

And, then, like listening to the slowing of microwave popcorn popping, my husband stopped calling out items. We'd probably only checked about half of the items.

Now, I was saying, "Did you find this yet? Or this?"

And husband would say, "What?? That's in there?? You're kidding...I've got to find that??"

find it game
And our FIND IT game became quite addictive! We just couldn't stop shaking and twisting and turning!

We had it sitting in the living room during our large family Thanksgiving and with the help of 10+ people, we've found almost everything on the list. That's right - almost everything.

At least FIVE items have yet to be seen!! And, supposedly, FIND IT's most elusive item is a hidden penny in each game! Yep, we haven't found it yet...

Here's an example of some of the 47 original hidden items - easy (for us): sunflower, pipe cleaner, feather; hard (for us): staple, popcorn kernel, marble).

We've purchased another original FIND IT for our nephews for Christmas (they do have a kid version) and we know they will love it! A FIND IT game is great for ALL ages - 8 to 98 the box claims! :-) But, I'll tell you that my 3 year old loves "finding t'ings!" too!

A FIND IT game is also perfect for long trips in the car - or airplane flights! Buy one right before a long trip, and I doubt you'll hear a peep from the backseat! ;-)

I've already added the Deluxe Version to our family's wishlist, and, thinking our little girl would enjoy the Glitz and Glamour Version!

I think a FIND IT game is worth every penny and will delight and fascinate whoever holds it! Once you see a FIND IT, you'll also think, like me, "Now, why couldn't I have thought of that?!"

Hurry! There's still time before the big day!!! You can find a store near you that carries FIND IT games (many Barnes and Noble do) or purchase online here or, we used Amazon.

Recommend: YES

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**I was not compensated in any way for this post. The post is purely my opinion of this product. FIND IT photo was used by permission.**



Mikki said...

These look like so much fun!
I love to have stuff like this around for when people come by to hang out.
And what a great hostess gift this would make!

Jennifer said...

How fun!! I agree, this would make a great hostess gift!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

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