Saturday, January 9, 2010

World's Easiest Crusty Bread - No Kneading Required!

If you can dump some flour, water, yeast, and salt into a bowl and give it a quick can make this bread. Soooo easy! NO KNEADING!!! And, it turns out a wonderfully, delicious crusty bread that we gobbled up (with lots of butter)! ;-)

The only thing this bread needs is time...and, a little planning if you want it for a specific meal. I planned on it for lunchtime with some turkey soup. So, I mixed the dough together about 4:30 the afternoon before.

no knead bread

I had read about this recipe (also called "No Knead Crusty Bread") almost a year ago, but the directions used a cast iron pot to bake in. Since I didn't have one, I just saved the recipe for "someday."

THEN... I saw that Tina, over at Mommy's Kitchen, baked her bread in a covered pyrex bowl!

So, I got out my round covered Corelle casserole dish and made the bread. YUM. YUM. YUM!!!

Really, you've got to try it!! You won't be disappointed!

Tina's got a great step-by-step over on her blog! Go. GO. GO!

Recommend: OH YUMMY YES

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Krista said...

I definitely knead...I mean need to give this one a try. lol. No kneading sounds good to me. I'm off to check out the recipe. Looks yummy and I love fresh baked bread!

Tina Butler said...

Isnt this the best bread. I love to make it with Spaghetti. So simple in a pyrex type bowl isnt it? your looks beautiful. I got a new topping for mine i cant remember what it is some type of oat or wheat instead of cornmeal. The hardest part is timing it for you meal everything is simple.

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