Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recycling Truck by Green

I have two young children. My children drink a lot of milk. A lot.

We recycle our milk jugs. A lot of milk jugs.

When I was first approached by Mama Buzz about reviewing a "green" recycling truck made from recycled milk jugs, I jumped. I've got a little boy who loves trucks - why not?!

And hey, I wanted to see what happened to all of those milk jugs I rinsed and tossed into my recycling bin!

Not bad, eh?! :-)

Green Toys' Recycling Truck is one well built toy. The truck is made of 100% recycled plastic and has no metal axles. The truck is solid and sturdy, not flimsy in any way.

green toys recycling truck
I loved that Green Toys had no extra packaging materials with the recycling truck. No layers and layers of plastic and bubble wrap. No countless metal or plastic ties securing the truck to the box.

Less packaging material not only means less waste, but for me as a mama it means = less hassle and the kids get their toy quicker!

Before I received the truck, I wondered what the kids would "recycle." I assumed that anything small enough to fit in the truck's slots would be prime choking material.

On the back of the box, Green Toys made little "cards" of recyclable items to match the truck's slots: bottles, cans, and paper.

Clever! And, something my kids really won't choke on! Still at first, I thought my kids wouldn't even use the cardboard squares. I was wrong! Recycling became a fun game!

My son mostly shoved any card into any slot. But, my little girl, who is a bit older, loved matching the bottle card to the bottle slot, paper card to the paper slot, and so on. She even began telling her brother how to "recycle!" :-)

Once the kids were finished "recycling," the bed of the recycling truck dumps and the back opens, so that they could easily remove their cardboard recycling items and start all over again.

green toys recycling truck
Green Toys Inc. makes more than just a recycling truck! You can check out their entire line of classic children's toys here.

Green Toys Inc. makes all of their products in the USA and you can purchase the toys through many online retailers, like Amazon and Fat Brain Toys.

With Christmas right around the corner, the toys are really quite affordable, ranging in price from $10-$30. If eco-friendly products are important to you, Green Toys is a company you should definitely check out!

While my kids are happily recycling playing away, do you know where the box the truck came in is? Ah yes, the recycling bin... :-)

Recommend: YES

Thank you, Green Toys, through Mama Buzz, for sending our family your recycling truck to test and review!

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Lora said...

VERY cool! On my list to buy for a babysitting client :0)

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