Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Priority Check: FREEDOM!

Time for a priority check.

I began this blog because I absolutely love to read and wanted to join a few book review groups.

In order to be accepted, I had to have a fairly active blog.

So, I combined two old blogs - my favorite recipes and my book reviews - into The Creative Side of Me.

It worked out quite well for me...at first.

My readership grew quickly and blogging opportunities were filling my inbox.

It was FUN!

However, stress travels right along with the opportunities. Each opportunity has requirements and deadlines.

All over the blogosphere, I have read posts of other frustrated bloggers who decide to shut down their blogs because of the stress blogging creates.

Truly, stress.

In the past few months, although it may seem as if my posting has been sporadic, blogging is always on my mind.

Early in the morning, I think, "I need to post today."

The afternoon arrives and I think, "I've got to try and post something while the kids nap."

Evening arrives and I think, "I never had the chance to post! Maybe I can still squeeze in a quick recipe tonight..."

And... morning comes... and a post was never written.

The I've-got-to-get-a-post-up vicious cycle begins again.

Blogging has taken over.

And, it can't.

I am first, a wife and second, a mama.

My family needs to come first. My thoughts need to be on THEM... not that I haven't blogged.

My husband is so supportive and actually doesn't want me to shut down The Creative Side of Me. He believes I enjoy blogging.

I do.

I love getting the chance to read new books, share a great recipe, try out a new product, or host a fantastic giveaway.


I needed this priority check!

I will post when I can.

I will not feel badly that I haven't posted about the fabulous chicken I made last night.

I will not feel obligated to accept every blogging opportunity that comes my way...unless it's another dozen Fairytale Brownies! ;-)

Blogging will not be constantly in my thoughts, creating stress with deadlines and pressure.

I feel free!


(So, I'm not going anywhere. I still have a few review obligations to fulfill, but after that, I'll be posting what I can, when I can, what I want, and when I want!)

Thanks for understanding!

I'm going to go and play with my kids and their new kazoos... um, thanks, Grandma! ;-)

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Melissa said...

I completely, totally understand! Sometimes I let myself get backed up with blogging commitments, and it starts to feel like a job ... minus the paycheck. I've been gradually changing the direction of my blog, but I'm also feeling free to take breaks whenever I need them.

Enjoy and take care of your family first. I'll look forward to your posts, whenever you feel like writing. :)

Julia M. Reffner said...

Good for you! I'll be following your posts whenever you write them, but I'm sure you will be blessed for putting your family first.

Traci Michele said...

Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with you :-)

writer girl said...

I admire you so much for doing this, Stephanie. I'm sure your husband and your kids are very blessed to have you.

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