Friday, June 26, 2009

Combining my blogs...

In an effort to keep things a bit simpler for myself, I am combining my book review and recipe blogs into one new blog: Her Creative Side.

I am hoping that this will help my audience grow, as well as give me more opportunities to review for some other companies. Many companies have asked for posts not exclusive to one subject (only book reviews, or only recipes). By combining my 2 blogs, I hope to remedy this!

The new blog is still under construction as I transfer all of my old posts and begin making new ones. I'm hoping this will also give me a place to share some of my other crafty loves, especially digital scrabooking!

If you were a follower of either of my old blogs - Our Favorite Recipes or Chapters and Chocolate - please begin following my new blogging home!! If you haven't been following, please do!! Just click on the "follow" button in the right hand sidebar!

You will find tags on the sidebar of Her Creative Side to narrow down my posts by subject, if you're only interested in reading certain posts.

Thanks for your patience as I work out the bugs! And, thanks for reading all the posts I do write!

To visit Her Creative Side, click here.

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