Monday, May 9, 2016

Dawn at Emberwilde by Sarah E. Ladd

Isabel Creston never dared to dream that love could be hers. Now, at the edge of a forest filled with dark secrets, she faces a fateful choice between love and duty.

Don't you just love computer errors? I had a nice review all written and saved...and my laptop crashed. Apparently the crash corrupted my file, as OpenOffice can't seem to recover it. I hate when that happens! I can't ever remember everything I so eloquently said! ;-)

Well, let's just cut to the chase and say that Sarah's descriptions are rich and exciting. I love historical British Victorian/Regency kind of tales! Isabel is startled by her unknown family's summons, though she dearly longs for a home. However, it is quickly obvious that her aunt isn't welcoming to her niece or her younger sister. Isabel's uncle seems eager to marry her off, and the mysteries of the dark woods outside her window only add to the awkward and uneasy situation.

Dawn at Emberwilde will keep you reading to see if Isabel ever finds love and home.

Another lovely novel by Sarah! I loved it!

Thank you to Sarah and Thomas Nelson through NetGalley for sending me a copy to read and review!

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