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Gunpowder Tea by Margaret Brownley

Welcome to the Litfuse Blog Tour for Gunpowder Tea by Margaret Brownley!

In a case that could change her career, Miranda uncovers a love that will change her life.

When Miranda Hunt sees the classified ad for an heiress to the legendary Last Chance Ranch, she knows assuming the identity of Annie Beckman is the perfect cover. As one of the finest agents for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, Miranda has been tasked with apprehending the Phantom---an elusive and notorious train robber thought to be hiding on the sprawling ranch.

But she isn't the only one at the ranch with something to hide. Wells Fargo detective

Jeremy Taggart is working undercover as well. Their true identities may be a secret, but it is impossible for Jeremy and Miranda to hide the sparks flaring between them.

Neither is about to let romance interfere with such a huge case. Besides, Miranda hasn't removed Jeremy from her list of suspects yet. The closer they get to uncovering the identity of the Phantom, the more dangerous he gets---and no one on the ranch is safe.

The longer Miranda and Jeremy spend working together, the harder it becomes to keep their feelings in check. Their careers-and their lives-depend on solving this case. Love will just have to wait.

I'm not a huge fan of comedic fiction (I prefer the serious side of things), but I've enjoyed the stories I've read of Margaret's. She has just the right balance of sobriety and humor.

Gunpowder Tea is the last book in her Brides of Last Chance Ranch series...and I thought it was the best one! I've always liked stories involving detectives, especially Pinkertons!, and when the first chapter involved a woman Pink, a thief, a stray shot at a funeral, and an overreacting, hysterical widow, I knew Margaret had done it again. I suspected Gunpowder Tea would be delightfully dangerous.

It was great! Gasps and giggles... with an ending (and criminal) I didn't expect.

If you haven't read books 1 and 2, you should! You don't have to, but it makes the ending of Gunpowder Tea all the better!

That's what I thought! Click HERE to see what other reviewers are saying!

Thank you to Margaret and Thomas Nelson through Litfuse for sending me a copy to read and review!

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