Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Pinned, I Made: English Toffee

Goodbye, Saltine Toffee!

That's all I've ever made before...and while I always thought it was fabulous, well, that was before.

Before THIS:

Amanda, aka The Taste Tester, is right: you must make it.

It. is. beyond. fabulous.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

I didn't find the process quite as painful as Amanda makes it out to be. ;-) I even made sure I had a stool to sit on, just in case! But, the toffee mixture came together for me in about 20 minutes - using Sam's Club butter and low heat (burner was set on 3.5 out of 10).

I didn't add any nuts (not a fan of most), and the toffee was absolutely delicious to me. Nice and crunchy...smooth and buttery. Mmmmm!

Also, my own personal tip: I use chocolate chips to melt on top AND I make sure it's a mix of milk chocolate and semisweet. In my opinion, it makes the perfect chocolate topping.


Need a last minute gift idea?! Head on over to Amanda's for the recipe...and MAKE IT. (Um, you still might need to buy a just might eat the entire pan yourself instead of sharing)! :-D

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