Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Tomato Life Saver...and maybe yours, too!!

My garden did extremely well this year, and I was just about in tears over my tomato situation. I had so many and the job seemed endless. A good friend told me about her Victorio Strainer. I'd never heard of or seen one...but, when I saw it in action, I had to have one! 

If you are a serious canner - or plan to be, see if your mom or grandmother or great aunt has one collecting dust in the basement: then GET IT. Beg them for it. 

If not, BUY ONE HERE. It is worth every cent! I halve my tomatoes to make them easier to smoosh in the hopper, but there is no need to blanch, skin, core, seed, etc piles upon piles of tomatoes. Yippee!

You place the tomatoes in the hopper (notice...the blossom ends are still on!), turn the handle, and the seeds/skin/blossoms shoot out one side and the pulp and juice drain out the other! Ahhh-mazing! 

The strainer makes easy-peasy (and QUICK!) work of pureeing your tomatoes. Obviously, if you want diced tomatoes or salsa, well... get to blanching and dicing! ;-) But, for getting the perfect start to things like your spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce, or ketchup the Victorio Strainer is the way to go! My yield was also much larger, as I didn't realize how much juice I wasted in skinning and seeding on my own. 

I am so glad I discovered this wonderful time-saving device! I'm no longer dreading a bountiful harvest! Bring on a bigger garden next year! ;-)

And, ooooh! There are additional screens!! A berry screen (can we say crystal-clear, seedless jelly?!), a pumpkin screen (can your own smoooooooth pumpkin for pies, cakes, cookies!), a grape screen (I have grapes in my hedges!!), and a salsa screen (nom, nom!).

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**DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated in any way for this post. The product mentioned above is a personal favorite that I wanted to share with my readers. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**
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