Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Valley of Dreams by Lauraine Snelling

I’m never sure whether I like Lauraine’s books or not…and I think I’ve read all of them but her Return to Red River series. Obviously, since I’ve read so many, there must be something that draws me to them (Blessing in Disguise was my favorite book, because it felt different than all of her other books).

The stories are fine, but that’s about it. I never find them overly exciting or something that I can hardly put down.

Cassie’s story in Valley of Dreams was much the same. The story just plods along, with no outstanding characters or situations to keep me riveted.

Cassie parents owned a Wild West show, into which she was born and raised. Cassie is the star sharpshooter in this traveling caravan, the only life she has ever known. After her parents die and her ‘Uncle’ disbands the show, Cassie feels her only choice is to try and find the ‘Valley of Dreams’ her father always talked of.

If you like to wait to read a series...
until all of the books are out, this may be one to add to that list. The ending is horrid. It just stops. Oh sure, you want to know what comes next, but the conclusion is not an exciting, hold-your-breath kind of thing. It just ends. Very abruptly.

Like I said, something makes me keep reading Lauraine’s books. I’m sure I’ll get the second book, because I would like to know more about the mystery surrounding Cassie and her father’s dream land, but I’m always a bit disappointed that her books feel the same.

Again, Valley of Dreams isn’t bad, but it wasn’t fantastic, either. If you’re looking for an easy, rainy day read, Cassie’s story will likely fit the bill.

Thank you to Lauraine and Bethany House for sending me a copy to read and review!

Also reviewed on Amazon.

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