Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I Want to Visit Virginia Beach!

I don’t know about you, but with the economy the way it is, a family vacation has been put on the back burner this year.

But, I can dream, can’t I??

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Today, I’m working with Social Moms to give you my top ten reasons I’d want to visit Virginia Beach!

I adore my children, but every mom needs a little break sometimes. I want to visit one of the many spas that Virginia Beach offers! A relaxing massage or soothing pedicure would certainly start my vacation out on the right foot (pun intended)! ;-)

My husband and I love our American history. Virginia Beach offers several museums worth visiting, from lighthouses to military monuments! And, Colonial Williamsburg is also right ‘next door!’ This would make a great ‘summer fieldtrip’ learning experience for the kids, too!

One of the most important things on any vacation for our family is
FOOD! Virginia Beach has some goodies that I want to eat! I would love to take the Coastal Food Tour! What better time to sample seafood then when it’s fresher than fresh?!

You would think the beach would be my number one reason to visit Virginia Beach. Not quite, but pretty close! ;-) My children would love to splash in the waves and build a sandcastle on Virginia Beach! My daughter would likely bring along her Dora umbrella to protect her from the sun’s rays!

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And no trip to the beach would be complete without burying daddy in the sand! The kids might even be able to coax mama into a sand coffin for fun!

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center! I could splash with Virginia seals or take a boat excursion to watch dolphins! Soo fun! I have always thought this would be exciting!

Fishing! My young children got their first fishing poles this year. Virginia Beach has some fabulous fishing opportunities! Catching ‘the big one’ would absolutely thrill my husband and son.

This reason is totally mine. Not family oriented – at least not my family. I want to take a little side trip to Busch Gardens! (Hubby does not enjoy amusement parks. Something about those loopy-de-loop rollercoasters!) But, me! Wheeeeee! Super fun!

Accommodations to fit my family! I would want to rent an oceanfront home on Virginia Beach! Some of you would prefer a hotel or resort – but not me! I like the idea of having my own home away from home while on vacation, watching the sunrise and sunset from 'my' deck! You can even find rentals with pools and hot tubs and game rooms! Sign me up!

So whether it’s the sandy beach or picnic in a park, I’d most want to visit Virginia Beach to spend time with the family that God has blessed me with. Isn’t that what any vacation is really for?

Those are MY ten reasons for wanting to visit Virginia Beach...what are yours??

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