Friday, April 17, 2009

Where do I find my books?

My grandma (mom's mom) was my book recommender and lender! I could rely on her to tell me about the newest authors and whether she thought they were any good or not.

When she died, her library was split among her daughters and granddaughters. However, I mostly miss her input...saved me a lot of money on "wasted" books!

Now, I base most of my book purchases on my already favorite authors or recommendations from my mom, aunt, or cousins. For those new authors or books that have settings that appeal to me, I now mostly guess! Can't know until you try, eh??

Almost as exciting as a new book itself is my CBD (Christian Book Distributors) fiction catalog. You can easily request your own by clicking here.

When my newest copy arrives in my mailbox, it is immediately circled up and dog-eared!

To save money, I like to use paperbackswap to build my personal library. Newest releases often have long waiting lines, but it can be worth waiting. For me, the greatest advantage of paperbackswap is being able to get rid of the books that didn't meet my expectations for only the cost of shipping (about $2-3)!

My mom has been finding several deals on books at a closeout store called Ollie's. She recently found 2 of Judith Miller's Pullman series and just bought Kim Vogel Sawyer's My Heart Remembers (the one circled on my wish list!!) Unfortunately, I don't have an Ollie's within 50 miles of me....

My grandma browsed flea markets and garage sales for hard to find copies of different books to complete some of her collections.

Your local library won't allow you to build your personal library, but it's the perfect way to try out a new author before you plunk down your money on a book you're not sure you'll like. Most libraries today have an interlibrary lending system which will allow you to find that book you're searching for from another library in their system.

You may think you won't find Christian fiction at your library... I think you'd be surprised at how many Christian fiction books you can find!! Even some of the newest releases!!

eBay is another way of finding books, especially full sets, at a fairly decent price. You need to watch out for that sneaky shipping cost, though!

You can also find free e-books on Project Gutenberg. This site is best for classics: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and L.M. Montgomery. You won't find the newest titles here. E-books are also not as easy to read...I don't know about you, but I don't picture cozying up to my computer to read as very appealing. But, Project Gutenberg may be a good option if you don't want to buy or make a trip to the library!

Happy Reading!!

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